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The Hunt Is A Satirical Movie That Will Make You Think, Cringe And Laugh

The Hunt is the kind of movie that there really is no good time to release, which good satire always has a problem with. It’s not a film for everyone, but those who want to see it now can because it’s available on bluray and digital.


Movies Released October 15th, 2010

This week is an interesting week for new releases. We’ve got yet another comic book adaptation, a new prank-filled 3-D addition to the Jackass series, and a Toronto Film festival favourite getting its wide release. Most likely The Social Network will lose it’s number one ranking this week, but to which movie?


Must See TIFF Movies

Every year around this time the Toronto International Film Festival launches, and with every year that passes the relevancy of the films shown increases. Oscar winners have premiered at the festival in the past (American Beauty, Crash) as well as cult classics (The Princess Bride) and great Canadian cinema (Away From Her, Roadkill). This year the lineup is just as comparable, and here some of the must see movies.