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Great Virtual First Date Films

For many single people the time they are spending in isolation is just that, isolated, and new ways have to be found on how to meet people and go on dates. One such way is going on a virtual date, and thanks to cameras on our phones, computer and tablets, it makes it easy to not only see each other and talk to each other, but watch a movie together as well. Here are some options for going on a great virtual first date.


Top 5 Winter Movies

With the chill of winter having arrived, now is as good of a time as any to watch a movie that takes place in winter. After all who wants to see snow on their screen when it’s nice and hot outside? We’ve compiled our list of our favourite movies that take place in winter.


Best Bill Murray Movies

With Hyde Park on the Hudson opening this weekend, we decided to take a look back and Bill Murray’s career and list our favourite movies he’s been apart of.