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Game Of Thrones Fans Petition HBO To Redo Season 8

Whether you watch HBO’s Game of Thrones or not, you have surely heard someone’s opinion of season 8 by now. Whether it is in casual conversation around your work’s water cooler, or on social media, people have been talking about it since it began five weeks ago. And while some people have really been enjoying it, seemingly a lot more people have not liked the way the story has turned out. Now a petition has begun online by an angry fan who is demanding that HBO remake the season.


HBO Launches Game Of Thrones Election Site

With the U.S. election coming up in a few months, and the candidates getting ready to launch their individual campaigns, HBO has decided to put a call out for their viewers to cast ballots for who they think should sit on the Iron Throne.


Who Is Daenerys Targaryen?

Games of Thrones was a huge hit for HBO last year, and because of that it was no surprise when it was renewed for a second season. Like the novel the first season focused on several characters from several different houses, and one of those characters was Daenerys Targaryen.