Top 5 Films Everyone Is Talking About At Sundance 2020

The 2020 Sundance Film Festival started yesterday and runs until February 2nd, and already some of the films are starting to get buzz. While it’s still too early to say which films will become big hits, or even be talked about come next year’s awards season, it isn’t too early to take a look at what everyone is talking about. 

Miss Americana – Taylor Swift fans have been waiting for this documentary that looks at the country/pop superstar’s life and career, and they won’t have to wait long after it’s premiere to see it. The film will go from Sundance to Netflix in a matter of days.

Worth – Michael Keaton is in the middle of a career renaissance, and this film should help further it. In it he plays D.C. lawyer Kenneth Feinberg who was put in charge of the September 11 Victim Compensation Fund after the tragic terrorist attack in 2001. This true story also stars Stanley Tucci and Amy Ryan, and early talk is that the film, and Keaton, might get noticed during next year’s Oscars. 

The Glorias – This biopic takes a look at the life of Gloria Steinem with both Julianne Moore and Alicia Vikander portraying the activist. It takes a look at the barriers she broke, and the trials she faced throughout her life.  

Palm Springs – Andy Samberg has arguably had more success on the small screen than the big screen, but it’s only a matter of time before he breaks out in a big way there too. In this film he and Cristin Milioti play wedding guests who hook up at a wedding, and find themselves unable to escape the venue or each other. 

Come Away – While this film is listed as a kid’s film, it has such a great cast and interesting concept that it’s sure to get wider attention. It stars Angelina Jolie, David Oyelowo, Jordan Nash, Keira Chansa, Reece Yates and Michael Caine, and it imagines a world where Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Peter from Peter Pan are brother and sister. Together they must try to help their parents heal after their brother suddenly dies.

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