Sharon Stone Banned On Bumble- Truth or Fake?

The stunning and Oscar nominated actress Sharon Stone best known for her roles in Basic Instinct, Casino, Total Recall and most recently What About Love, posted on Twitter yesterday that she was blocked on the dating site Bumble after apparently being reported as a fake by other members.

An inevitable twitter storm ensued, with many bachelors offering to date her, and other women complaining that if Stone was on the site, what hope do they have. Some of the funniest proposals coming from women celebs, as well as Perez Hilton tweeting about the whole thing being a clever ad for Bumble.

Bumble editorial director quickly responded saying they had found her account and have unblocked her.

Whether this was a real occurrence or a very smart ad campaign, it definitely brought lots of attention to the dating app which famously Allows only women to reach out to potential matches. No doubt #truth or #fake, the twitter attention will bring more singles to the site, which may not be a bad thing all around!

Photo: InstarImages

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