Lindsay Lohan To Attempt A Music Comeback

Unless you are a really big Lindsay Lohan fan, the above title is probably confusing you. Lohan is attempting a what? A music comeback? She released an album before? Yes, yes she did. Back in 2004 she released her one and only album, called Speak, and before you ask, yes, people actually bought it. In fact the album reach the top five on the Billboard 200, before falling into obscurity. It even had a pretty big hit with the single Rumors. That’s not too bad for an actress who went through a stretch of really bad publicity.

Lohan has been in the new a fair bit lately, mainly for her MTV reality show, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach House, which first premiered, and then was cancelled almost as quickly. It only took a few days after the announcement that she was quitting the show though before it was announced that she had signed a new record deal with Mariah Carey’s ex-husband, Tommy Mottola. While no official statement has been released, several sources are quoted as sating Lohan is attempting to make another run on the charts.

Mottola’s Casablanca Records released Lohan’s first album, so it’s no surprise that she has resigned with them. It’s also not a surprise that Lohan is making this attempt, after all early this year she posted a picture of herself on social media showing herself in a recording studio. People started talking them that maybe she was considering a comeback. Now we just have to wait and see if she will have another hit on her hands.

Photo: MTV International

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