Lucy Hale To Star In Another Riverdale Spin-Off ‘Katy Keene’

We’ve known for awhile that Riverdale was getting another spin-off, but it wasn’t known who would be playing the lead role. That is, until now.

It was announced yesterday that Lucy Hale had been cast as the titular character Katy Keene, in the next Riverdale spin-off series. Based on the Archie Comics character, Katy Keene follows the stories of four character, including that of Katy Keene, as they chase their dreams in New York City. Keene is a fashion-designer wannabe, while the others are trying to make it on the runway, on Broadway and in the recording studio. Camille Hyde, Lucien Laviscount, Ashleigh Murray, Jonny Beauchamp and Julia Chan had all been previously announced as being cast in roles.

Hale herself is best known for her role on Pretty Little Liars, where she played Aria Montgomery. She was also the star of the horror-flick Truth or Dare, which was released last year. 

While Katy Keene is moving forward, it is just in the pilot stage of production and the series hasn’t been given the greenlight for a full production as of yet. Riverdale has been a hit on the CW since 2016, while it’s first spin-off, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, launched on Netflix last year and has already been renewed for a second season.

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