Robert Downey Jr.’s Marvel Contract Expires With The Next Avengers Movie

One of the year’s most anticipated films is Avengers: Endgame, and while it’s been known for awhile that some of our favourite heroes could die in the film, it’s really only been a guessing game as to who that could be. Obviously not all of the heroes who turned to dust at the end of Avengers: Infinity War will be among them, after all Spider-Man “died” yet has a new film coming out after Endgame. Some of the actors’ contracts are up as well, namely Chris Evans who plays Captain America and Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor. Now it’s been revealed that the actor who started the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe will have his contract expire with Endgame as well.

Robert Downey Jr has been playing Iron Man/ Tony Stark for close to 13 years now. Without his critically lauded performance, we may not have the Marvel films we have today. Thanks to the success of Iron Man, everything moved forward, and we’ve had superheroes gracing the big screen every year since. With Downey Jr’s contract expiring, Iron Man is now perhaps the most likely of the heroes to die. 

With three of the original Avengers contracts expiring, we can probably take a guess that not all three of them will be killed off in the same film. In fact all three of them could even be spared, with new contracts signed after the film premieres. But we have to face it, eventually these actors will want to move onto other things. Making these sorts of action films are hard on the stars, and not many actors like playing the same role time and time again. At this time though, we will just have to wait until April 26th to see who lives and who dies in Avengers: Endgame.

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