Sitcom Based On The Property Brothers Headed To TV

The Property Brothers are one of home improvement television’s hottest acts, and now they appear to be heading where no home improvement host has gone before, scripted comedy.

It’s being reported that Fox is moving forward with a single-camera series inspired by the “Property Brothers” Jonathan and Drew Scott. The series will be based on the Scott brothers’ memoir “It Takes Two”, which will also be the title of the ongoing show. The only other bit of information given about the plot of the series is that it will follow two entrepreneurial twin brothers who join forces in the real estate business. If indeed it does follow the real life story of Drew and Jonathan Scott, one of the twins will most likely be more involved in the selling and buying side of things, while the other on the repair side. 

Property Brothers first started airing in Canada in 2011, with the show entirely based within the country. Two years later however the pair tested the U.S. market, and filmed a few episodes of the series there, which helped shoot them to fame in the U.S. as well. The show was so popular that several spin-offs have been created. The pair are one of the most highly recognizable home improvement personalities on TV today and both have made multiple appearances on other television shows as well, including Dancing With the Stars, Hell’s Kitchen and America’s Next Top Model. 

The Scotts will executive produce the series, with brothers Jon and Josh Silberman executive producing and writing. 

At this time there is no information as to when the series will air, or who will star. 

Photo: The Property Brothers

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