The Walking Dead Star Andrew Lincoln May Return To The Series As A Director

Andrew Lincoln’s last episode of The Walking Dead hasn’t even aired yet, heck the 9th season hasn’t even premiered, but the series star is already talking about returning to the set. Just not in the way you expect.

Earlier this year Lincoln made headlines when he revealed that the 9th season would be his last. He wouldn’t even be making it to the half way point of the season. He cited wanting to return to his home country to spend more time with his young children as the reason. While it hasn’t been revealed what exactly the fate of his character would be, it’s strongly believed that his character would be killed off. That being said, Lincoln has now indicated to EW that he would be returning to the Senoia, GA set shortly as they continue filming the ninth season. But it’s not for what you’d think.

“I’m going back,” Lincoln told EW. “I’m going back to shadow a director, and my intention is to direct next year.” Lincoln did go on to say jokingly that “I can’t be that far away because I can’t bear it. That’s how much I am invested in the show and the continuation of the story.”

What fans will be wondering of course, is will Lincoln make an appearance in front of the camera again for the show. With his character’s fate up in the air at the moment it’s unclear if that will be possible or not. Of course even if his character does die, he could always be used in a flashback scene. 

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