Kanye West Releases New Album

Kanye West might have been all over the news the last couple of weeks for the wrong reasons, but this time the musician is back in the spotlight for what made him famous in the first place. His music.

This morning the 40-year-old West released his latest album, ye. It’s his eighth solo album, and first since the 2016 hit The Life of Pablo. The seven track release stars such guest stars as Kid Cudi, Ty Dolla $ign, and Nicki Minaj. The album itself may not be as groundbreaking, or stylistic as his previous work, but it is a look into his troubled mind. Tracks on the 23 minute long album include ones that talk about his mental state, and how no one truly understands him. He also talks about harming himself at times, and his opiate addiction. He even raps about recent issues, such as arguing with his wife Kim Kardashian over comments he recently made about slavery. To highlight how last minute this entire album was coming together, according to Kardashian, West shot the album’s cover on his iPhone heading to the release party on Wednesday night. While none of the songs really seem like they will be a hit, it is interesting to take a look into West’s seemingly fractured mind. 

This won’t be the last new material you hear from West either. Next week he’s releasing a joint album with Kid Cudi, which we can only hope makes more of a statement than ye does. 

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