Miley Cyrus Pranks A Sleeping Jimmy Kimmel With A Wrecking Ball

What started with Rihanna and Britney pranking Jimmy Kimmel while he slept has now continued with Miley Cyrus, and by the looks of things Jimmy Kimmel is going to have to get used to being pranked by his wife while he sleeps.

On last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the late night talks show host told the audience that his wife had pranked him again. If you remember back a couple of years ago, during April Fools, Kimmel was in bed sleeping when Rihanna burst into his room to give him a spontaneous concert complete with confetti canons and flashlights. A year or so later Britney Spears did the same thing, except she brought topless male dancers. And now Miley Cyrus has done the same thing, only in her case she came in like a wrecking ball, complete with a fake sledgehammer and wrecking ball. 

In the video you get to see Cyrus getting ready outside Kimmel’s house, and when she enters the talk show host is sleeping. Then the laser lights and music begin, and fake concrete slabs are thrown on Kimmel as Cyrus starts hammering them while jumping on the bed and singing. By the time the wrecking ball is released, Kimmel looks legitimately shocked, while still being half asleep. 

We can probably expect more of these sorts of pranks, as Kimmel said, they don’t appear to be going away. 


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