Watch The First “The Magnificent Seven” Trailer

Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt star in Columbia Pictures' THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN.

The 1960 film The Magnificent Seven was a western re-imagining of the Japanese film Seven Samurai, and now it’s about to receive a re-imagining of its own. This September Antoine Fuqua will release his latest film, and in it he gathers quite the list of celebrities to star.

Fuqua’s frequent collaborator Denzel Washington stars in his first western, and in it he plays Chisholm, a bounty hunter hired to help get revenge for a small town against an evil industrialist. He gathers a team of six to join him, including a gambler, an assassin, a sharpshooter, a warrior and more. Each member has a particular skill set that helps out the team. The team are played by Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio, Byung-hun Lee, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo and Martin Sensemeier. Like the original film the seven are vastly outnumbered, but they make up for it in skill and tenacity.

From the preview below, the film look to be a classic western, with lots of gun fights, horse riding, and a ego-maniacal villain out for power. You can watch the trailer below. The Magnificent Seven hits theaters Sep. 23.


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