Watch Celine Dion Impersonate Cher, Rihanna and More


Celine Dion has won all sort of awards for her music, has had a hit Vegas show, and sold out concerts around the world, but it’s her performance on last night’s The Tonight Show that just might be the most impressive things of all.

Dion appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show, and was obviously prepared to take part in one of the show’s signature bits, The Wheel of Impressions. Celine even stopped Fallon from his explanation of how the bit worked, stating she understood the concept from watching.

For her first impression, Dion was given Cher, singing the classic French tune, Frere Jacques. Dion indicated that Cher was a friend of hers, before diving into a spot on impersonation. It was so good that Fallon said “I don’t know how I’m going to top any of that,” Fallon said.

Fallon proceeded to try though, with his impression of Michael Jackson singing Drake’s One Dance. Dion helped him out while doing her own version of Michael Jackson, and the two spent some time singing back and forth at each other.

Perhaps the most impressive bit of the night though was Dion singing Row, Row, Row your boat like Rihanna. She changed Rihanna’s song Work to fit the new lyrics. She even took a stab at dancing like her. Fallon followed up by singing C Is For Cookie like Johnny Cash, and then Dion pretended she was Sia singing Hush, Little Baby, while covering her face with a stuffed toy.

You can watch the entire bit below.


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