Katy Perry Is The Latest Victim Of A Hacker


Twitter followers of pop star Katy Perry were shocked last night when the singer appeared to have sent out a series of homophobic and racists messages, before sending a link to an apparent unreleased song. Shortly afterwards however it became clear that the 31-year old’s account had been hacked and the tweets were deleted, although she has yet to address the incident.

The Teenage Dream singer has over 89 million followers on Twitters, which is the most followers anyone has on the social media platform. One of the messages that was supposedly sent by her was a shout-out to Taylor Swift, with whom she has had a long time rivalry. “Miss u baby @taylorswift13,” the tweet said.

The link was to a song called Witness on StormCloud, and it does appear to be an unreleased Perry track, but again no official word has been given.


It’s believe that Romanian-based Twitter user sw4ylol is behind the attack, because at the end of the hack that said “#hackersgonnahack,” before asking people to follow their account.

Photo: Eva Rinaldi Wikipedia

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