Watch Taylor Swift Fall On Her Face In New Apple Music Commercial


Taylor Swift and Apple’s relationship seems to be doing so well these days that the music superstar is willing to do a face plant off a treadmill for their latest commercial.

The ad for Apple Music has the singer scrolling through the playlists on her phone before she starts to work-out to Drake’s Jumpman. Swift raps along with the song while running on her treadmill, and unfortunately doesn’t appear to be able to rap and jog at the same time as she suddenly falls, face first. Then comes the Apple catch phrase “distractingly good.”

It’s hard to believe that it was close to a year ago that Swift wrote an open letter to Apple stating she was going to protest their decision to not pay royalties for music streamed during a three month trial period, and that she would withhold her album 1989 from being a part of it. Apple of course responded to the protest quickly, and reversed their policy. After seeing this new commercial, we’re glad she did.



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