Watch Chris Hemsworth Surprise A Fan For Administrative Professionals Day


In the upcoming summer blockbuster Ghostbusters, Chris Hemsworth plays a secretary to the four female paranormal investigators. It’s a different sort of role for him for sure, but with all the gender swapping the movie does from the original 1984 movie it’s not a huge surprise. The 32 year old is also known for playing pranks, and on Wednesday’s Ellen DeGeneres show he helps surprise an unsuspecting fan of his who works in his upcoming character’s field on Administrative Professionals Day.

In the video, Hemsworth and DeGeneres show up in the Warner Bros. offices, where a secretary has photos of Hemsworth hanging all over her cubicle. She’s shocked when she looks up and see the Thor star standing in front of her. The secretary is even treated to tickets to the Ghostbusters premiere in New York City. The actor and DeGeneres then decide to treat the entire department to a party (complete with cake, tequila shots, and even a limbo competition). It’s all in good fun, and a great way to reward a fan, and celebrate her profession. You can watch the entire video below.

Ghostbusters hits theaters on July 15.

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