Do The Sag Awards Accurately Predict The Oscar Winners?

Saturday night the annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were handed out, and with several the the awards that were handed out matching this year’s People Choice Awards and Golden Globes, many people are starting to wondering if the Oscars will follow suit. It’s possible, but not 100% guaranteed.

For starters, the SAG awards and Oscars line up more often than any other awards. In fact out of the 21 years the Guild has been handing out awards, 6 of those years their awards have matched up perfectly with the Oscars. That includes the last two years. That’s almost a third of the time. For 8 of those years they matched up three out of four of the categories. They’ve never failed to match up with at least one award, and the last time they did only match with one category was in 2002. In some of these cases the only reason they didn’t match up was the fact that the Oscars and SAG Awards nominated the actor’s performances in different categories. Like in 2012 when Christoph Waltz won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Django Unchained, but was nominated for Best Actor at the SAG Awards, which he didn’t win.

Does this mean Leonardo DiCaprio should win his first Oscar this year? It’s quite possible, but keep in mind that Idris Elba won for Best Supporting Actor in Beasts Of No Nation at the SAG Awards on Saturday, and he wasn’t even nomination for an Oscar. This means that all ready the best that can happen this year is three out of four categories match up. This could be the first year where no categories match up, but we really doubt it. This seems to be Leo’s year.

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