Could Deadpool, Not Ryan Reynolds, Host Saturday Night Live?


To say Deadpool has been a huge, unexpected success is putting it mildly. Not only did it shatter previous opening weekend records for February with over $135 million, it also crushed the previous record for R rated film openings as well. Ryan Reynolds had fought long and hard to get the movie made, but studio execs couldn’t see it performing well considering in order to do it right the film would have to be rated R, and for a superhero film to be rated R meant the younger audiences they rely on for the genre wouldn’t be able to see it. The film has changed perspectives though, and now it’s being said that the next Wolverine movie will be rated R as well. With everything the Merc With TheĀ Mouth has done for the movie industry, fans are now clamouring for him to do something about the long running Saturday Night Live television show and have started a petition to get him, and not Ryan Reynolds, to host it.

Typically Saturday Night Live has been hosted by real people, and not the characters they portray. There have been a couple of instances where fictional characters hosted the show, such asĀ Father Guido Sarducci and Pee Wee Herman in the 1980’s, but neither of them wore masks. There have also been plenty of instances where actors would portray their character on the show as well, but only for a sketch or two. But a masked superhero hosting for a whole 90 minutes? It’s never happened.

Unfortunately, even though the petition has gathered 26,000 signatures, and the fact that SNL has been open to viewer suggestions in the past, it probably won’t happen. After all Deadpool wouldn’t be able to swear or be lewd like he is in the movie, and the violence would obviously be very toned down. Still fans don’t need to worry about not seeing Deadpool again. a sequel will be on the way, even though one hasn’t been officially announced yet.

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