Check Out The Top Movies Of 2015 So Far


2015 has been an interesting year for movies. Universal has made a record amount of money, long running series have flopped, others have thrived, animated movies of all kinds are on top, reboots have disappointed, and an R rated movie that was the talk of the town for it’s shock value and nudity made the list simply out of curiosity. It’s hard to tell from year to year which movies will do well and which will flop, which is frustrating to movie makers everywhere. Here are the top films so far this year.

Leading the way is Jurassic World with $1.58 billion so far. It’s made Chris Pratt an even bigger action star than Guardians of the Galaxy made him, and brought dinosaurs back on the map. All everyone can talk about now is the sequel.

As sad it is to say, Paul Walker’s biggest hit came after his death. Furious 7 ruled the spring box office with over $1.51 billion, and even though they originally said there would be no more sequels, guess what, Furious 8 is now getting ready to be made.  Vin Diesel and the gang will all be back for more car hi jinks.

One of the year’s most anticipated films was Avengers: Age of Ultron, and comic book fans lined up to see it. Making $1.4 billion in the process. While it may not have been as good as the first Avenger’s film, it did a great job filling seats and keeping fans entertained.

The newest entry on the list (and one that will see its total continue to rise) is the Despicable Me spin-off, Minions. Since it’s July release, the little yellow critters have earned over $913 million, and that’s without counting the amount of money the toys have been making. Parents everywhere are sure to be sick of them soon, if they aren’t all ready.

Pixar’s latest animated feature Inside Out can arguably be said to be more for adults than children, which is probably why this movie is well over $600 million in earnings. Parents and children alike left the theater in tears, but really it’s the adults who got the message the movie was sending across a lot more than the kids. For the record, it is the only Pixar movie not to open in first place, but it did claim the top spot a couple of weeks later.

The popular series of adult novels, Fifty Shades of Grey made it’s debut on Valentine’s Day, and immediately caused a stir. Most of it’s $570 million in earnings were within the first three weeks when theatres were packed with people wondering what all the fuss was about. They were still thinking it after they left.

Disney took a chance by making their animated film Cinderella come to life, and it paid off. The live action film starring Lily James has taken in $540 million all ready, and several new live action adaptations are now on their schedule. Personally, we can’t wait for Beauty and the Beast.

The Rock keeps on rolling with hit after hit. San Andreas is his second flick on this list (although he really wasn’t in Furious 7 too much). At $462 million earned, it made Alexandra Daddario a star, and keep The Rock clearly situation as the top action star of the last few years.

Kingsman: The Secret Service had the unfortunate disadvantage of opening up again Fifty Shades of Grey, but it managed to do all right. Making $407 million and giving star Taron Egerton a chance to shine.

The tenth movie on the list is yet another animated film (yes, it definitely is the year for kids films) is the surprise hit Home. No one expected it to make $386 million,  but it managed to come out when there really weren’t many options for families.

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