Channing Tatum Pranks Magic Mike Fans


Magic Mike XXL may be a month away from hitting the big screen, but that doesn’t mean Channing Tatum hasn’t started promoting the flick. He recently teamed with charity website to launch a campaign that would give one lucky fan a chance to attend the premiere of the movie in Los Angeles with Tatum himself. To promote the prize a group of Magic Mike mega-fans were invited to what they were told was an advanced screening. What they weren’t told that Tatum was at the event, undercover.

Disguising himself as a balding, old marketing executive, Tatum quizzed the attendees about their love for the first Magic Mike movie, before telling them that they would be seeing Magic Mike XXL in 3D. Instead of playing the movie however, a group of male¬†strippers made their way to the stage to give the crowd a live show. When Tatum’s old executive character was invited to join in and dance, he pulled off his wig and fake beard to let the crowd in on the secret. Of course the crowd went wild.

The contest is real, and to enter you simply have to make a donation at¬†Donations will support the Runa Foundation’s aim to build a medical research clinic to explore the power of Amazonian plant medicine. You have until the end of the month to enter.

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