May Blockbusters You Don’t Want To Miss


It is about to be a busy month at the movies. With all the blockbusters lined up for the month of May you know there will be at least a couple of flops, but there are bound to be a couple of huge hits as well.  Let take a look at what’s expected to be the biggest movies of the month.

May starts off with a bang, with Avengers: Age of Ultron opening on May 1st. Competing movie studios kept their bigger films away from this one because as the Hulk would say, Age of Ultron will smash the competition. It very easily could be the top film of the year, and speculations are that it might make a run at the highest grossing film of all time Avatar.  We shall just have to wait and see.

Studios figured that the new Avengers movie will still be holding on strong come week two of its release, so they avoided releasing any sort of action film a week later. May 8th does see one notable release however, and that’s the Reese Witherspoon / Sofia Vergara film Hot Pursuit.  It’s the type of comedy film that will probably attract a more female audience, which exactly what their studio is banking on.

Mad Max: Fury Road may have a hard time being the type of hit that it is expected to be. It’s been 30 years since Mad Max Beyond The Thunderdome was released, and Tom Hardy has taken over for Mel Gibson in the title role. Die hard fans will flock to see this one, but 30 years may be too long of a wait for a sequel. And to make its battle even more up-road battle, the movie is restricted, so the younger crowd won’t even be able to get it.  The other movie opening the weekend of the 18th is Pitch Perfect 2, which brings back Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson for a second go-round as the Barden Bellas.  The first movie was a surprise hit, but is the world ready for more?  They are certainly hoping so.

The first movie of the month with any real chance of knocking The Avengers off its perch is Tomorrowland starring George Clooney, which opens on May 22nd.  It only makes sense that only a Disney movie could topple a Disney movie juggernaut. It’s about two teens embarking on a mission to discover a secret place they know exists, but no one else does. If you are looking for a comedy action flick, you might want to take in Spy, starring Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, Jude Law and Rose Byrne. It’s a about a CIA desk analyst who volunteers to go undercover.

And you know summer is here when The Rock starts popping up in multiple movies.  On May 29th he stars in San Andreas, an action film about a rescue chopper pilot searching for his daughter after a big earthquake hits California.


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