Chris Jericho Discusses His Tv Series, His Career Challenges And His Hidden Talent


To say Chris Jericho has done a lot in his career is putting it mildly.  He’s a professional wrestler, a rock star with his band Fozzy, a former contestant on Dancing with the Stars, and he even hosted the short lived game show Downfall.  We had a chance to talk with Chris about his latest venture, a TV special called But I’m Chris Jericho! that airs tonight at 9pm on Action.

Real Style: What’s been the most challenging thing you’ve done in your career?

Chris: Everything’s a challenge, man. You just have to take each dance as its own separate thing and just go for it. The thing is, when you do a lot of different things and you have a lot of different projects on the go, each one feels more challenging and more rewarding than the last. That’s why you do it. When you get some success, you want more. When you get one mountain climbed, you want to climb the next one. I think the challenges of doing all these different things, both from a professional aspect and also from a perception level, oftentimes people don’t like it when you do things that you’re “not supposed to do.”

Real Style: What is one thing that you haven’t done yet that you’d actually like to try?

Chris: I don’t have anything like that. I don’t ever really list things that I want to do. The only two things that I’ve ever wanted to do are be in a rock band and be a wrestler. Those were my two goals. When I do these things (for example, Dancing With The Stars), I didn’t say “I want to be on Dancing With The Stars!” You get the opportunity to do it, I turned it down a couple times and then finally the time is right, so I did it.

Real Style: So now you’ve moved on to the But I’m Chris Jericho web series.

Chris: Yeah, they’re packaging up the episodes into three 30 minute specials and airing them on Action, which is a huge accomplishment for a web series. Basically, it was always pitched to be a TV show and we finally got it signed and okayed as a web series. Then we won all of these awards and accolades, got all of these downloads and dues, it was a huge success. Now, it’s ended up on TV, which is great. It kind of goes to show that it’s like the little engine that could, this little project that I came up with eight or nine years ago that has now made it all the way to national network television. It’s a pretty cool thing to be able to say.

Real Style: The show itself is really a fictional Chris Jericho, but is there a line where fictional Chris Jericho meets the real Chris Jericho?

Chris: There’s an episode where I go to the audition and as I’m delivering a soliloquy about this horrible illness that’s befallen my aunt or uncle or whoever, next door there are these pirates screaming and yelling through the wall. You can hear them! That legitimately, 100 per cent happened verbatim, exactly the way we filmed it. That episode specifically is kind of where the two worlds combined.

Real Style: In the series itself, you’ve worked with Scott Thompson and Andy Kindler. Do you ever find it intimidating working with people who have basically made comedy their entire career?

Chris: No, because comedy is commitment and playing a character and falling into the role, and I’ve been doing that since I was 19 years old. A lot of people don’t realize that wrestling is acting; you’re playing a role and a part. Also, I performed with The Groundlings for two years in Los Angeles. The Groundlings in the States is just as famous as Second City is in Canada. Will Ferrell was a Groundling, Paul Reubens, Kristen Wiig; the list goes on and on.

Real Style: What’s next for Chris Jericho?

Chris: We filmed another web series for Comedy Central that starts in April, called Nothing To Report. It’s a cop type show. But because that’s Comedy Central, it’s got this stamp of “what, Comedy Central! That’s huge!” If that goes as well as But I’m Chris Jericho, suddenly there will be more offers. I like comedy, I like that aspect of it. If it leads to more stuff, great! If it doesn’t, I had a great time doing the ones that I did, and I’ll find the next thing that comes up.

My days of being a full time wrestler are over. Nothing wrong with that, that’s just the general progression of your career and your life. I just kind of take every day at a time. I just know that I don’t do anything that I don’t want to do; I enjoy everything that I do and that’s what you have to do to keep it good and keep it real.

Real Style: Do you have a hidden talent that you haven’t shown before, something that nobody knows?

Chris: I’m a great whittler. I can whittle a marshmallow stick really quickly. I don’t think anyone whittles anymore, they should!


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