American Crime Premiere Most Anticipated New Show


American Crime, the new 11 part limited series about murder in California, stars Felicity Huffman and Timothy Hutton  premieres tomorrow night ( March 5th) at 10 p.m on CTV and ABC, and it might very well make you look at race, and the roles society has assigned to them, differently.

The writer of the show, John Ridley has had quite the year.  Around this time last year he was accepting an Academy Award that he’d won for writing the screenplay for 12 Years A Slave, and the next day he started working on American Crime. Ridley was given free reign over the series, and in a recent interview with Variety he said he was surprised when ABC told him “Don’t worry about toning it down,” because he said “we took chances all the way around.”  Keeping it the way he envisioned it will probably turn out to be a good thing considering it gets to take over the now vacated hot spot in ABC’s schedule after Scandal. The spot had been occupied by the hottest new show on television, How To Get Away With Murder, which pushed boundaries as well.

The unique series looks at a murder in Modesto California, from the occurrence of the crime and subsequent investigation, all the way through to the trial. Unlike other TV shows of a similar theme however, the series follows the perspectives of the victims’ parents, the community, and even the suspects. There are lawyers and police officers in the show, but they are just the secondary characters meant to help move the story along, instead of telling it. There are many themes throughout the series as well, including faith and religion, not to mention ethnicity and class as well.

If American Crime does well it may be difficult to do a second season, after all the final episode ends the entire story. However it could do what a lot of other shows are doing these days, and start a brand new arc with new characters, like True Detective and American Horror Story. Only time will tell.

photo: ABC

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