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The Blacklist Season 2 – What You Need To Know So Far


The Blacklist returns for the second half of their second season right after the Superbowl.  If you’ve missed a few episodes along the way, or even if you wanted to catch up where it left off back in November, we’ve put together a list of things you need to know from Season 2 so far.

Liz’s Secret – In the season 1 finale we witnessed Liz shoot Tom point blank in the gut, but we all knew he wasn’t dead.  Well most people did anyway.  It was revealed, not to much surprise to anyone, that Liz has kept him locked away on a ship. She eventually lets him go, because well, she still loves him.

Ressler Goes Cold Turkey – People are wondering if Donald Ressler is finally going to turn the corner from his pill addiction.  After almost getting killed in the woods by a crazed hunter he finally decides to change his life and throws his pills down the sink.

Naomi Is Still Alive  – Red’s ex-wife was in hiding with her new family, but unfortunately Berlin found her and started mailing pieces of her to Red.  Of course Red rescues her, and by the end he convinces her to go into hiding once again.

The Decembrist Revealed – Alan  Fitch is revealed to be the Decembrist.  He’s killed many people along the way, and used the Stewmaker to convince Berlin that his daughter was dead.  Like a lot of things in this show, that too was a swerve, as she turned out to be alive and eventually turned on her father.  Fitch ends up with a bomb around his neck, and in an act of kindness he tells the bomb squad to leave him because he knows there is no way to remove it, and dies alone.

The Fulcrum – What is the Fulcrum?  Well as of yet, no one really knows.  Red might have it, but he’s not saying for sure. Before his death Fitch tells Red to talk to members Mitchum and Hobbs who might help him.  We figure he’ll talk to them before the season is over.

How Long Has Tom Worked For Red?  – When the season 2 mid-season finale aired you discovered that Tom had been working for Red, but for how long? He told Red as he was being given a new identity “For what it’s worth, the four months I was on that ship, I never told her about us” and we’re hoping that the we get more answers in the mid-season premiere about what “us” could entail.  More twists for sure.

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