Taylor Swift And Jimmy Fallon Show Their Dance Moves While Jumbotron Dancing


The other night while Grammy Award winning singer Taylor Swift appeared on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon admitted to her that he was a little upset.

“I’ve got to say I’m kind of a little upset,” Fallon said. “A little upset because every time I see you dancing at events, because for a while that was our thing.” He went on to say that he and Swift were “famous Jumbotron dancers.”

Then Jimmy revealed that he had managed to get a hold of some of the footage, and he wanted to share it with the crowd. Watch them dance the robot, a karate themed dance where Taylor breaks a board of wood, and even a recreation of the famous Flashdance scene with the bucket of water and the chair.  Of course it was filmed in the studio audience, even though it’s supposed to be at different sporting events around New York City, but it still is a memorable Tonight Show moment.

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