Best Music Concerts Coming To Toronto In February 2015


Whether you are planning a trip to Toronto or you  live here, believe it or not – February is going to be the best month to be in TDot- if you are into the music scene. With the hottest musical acts anywhere happening in the next few weeks of February who cares about the snow and polar bear happy temperatures.  We are going to let the likes of Bryan Adams ,The Tragically Hip, Chris Brown and Nickeback warm us up! Here are the deets:

Bryan Adams – It’s been 30 years since Bryan Adams’ hit record Reckless came out, and he’s touring Canada in celebration.  On February 28th he’s playing at the Air Canada Centre, and he’s bringing not only his classic hits with him, but hits from his latest album as well. Tracks of My Years is a covers record that included his interpretation of his childhood idols from Smokey Robinson to The Beatles.

The Tragically Hip – If there is any band that can be called truly Canadian, it’s the Tragically Hip.  They could have made it big outside of Canada, but they never wanted to leave their native land.   They are playing the Air Canada Centre on February 19th in celebration of their 3rd album, Fully Completely, which came out 25 years ago.

Chris Brown, Trey Songz & Tyga – Don’t tell Drake, but Chris Brown is coming to Toronto on February 25th.  The controversial contemporary RnB and Hip Hop superstar is sure to have a packed house when he plays the Air Canada Centre.

Nickelback & The Pretty Reckless –  Nickelback may be the butt of many jokes, but they have a loyal following and are truly Canada’s biggest rock band.  They are bringing with them The Pretty Reckless which is fronted by ex Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen on February 22nd.

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