Inside TIFF 2014: Maps To The Stars Red Carpet & Premiere – Video


Maps to the Stars had its Canadian premiere at TIFF 2014 yesterday, and the stars of the film, including Robert Pattinson, Julianne Moore, Real Style cover girl Sarah Gadon, John Cusack, Evan Bird and Olivia Williams all turned out with director David Cronenberg to help promote the film.

The relaxed, family affair vibe at the press conference earlier in the day was fitting given Cronenberg’s ongoing relationship with his stars and crew, many of whom (Pattinson, Gadon) he’s worked with before. It also lines up with the subject matter of his film, which Cronenberg said is as much about family as it is celebrity. “[It] “isn’t just about celebrity. There are no scenes of paparazzi, there are no red carpet scenes.  A lot of it is family drama.”

The Toronto director and long-time TIFF affiliate does admit that the movie needed to be set in Hollywood to tell its story, because part of the overall theme is “people desperate to keep being on that screen. And if they disappear from the screen, they don’t get work anymore; it’s an existential crisis,” said Cronenberg.

Julianne Moore agreed with Cronenberg about the theme of family running throughout the movie, saying “the family dynamic is what is most profound about the film. There are all these people desperately seeking validation in an external way. They are looking to the world at large to validate who they are as human beings and they are not turning to their families.”

The stars also took a bit of time to talk about LA, a place John Cusack said he always thought “was a strange place” that “can really be toxic.”  It turns out that none of the cast actually live in LA either, or so it seems. Cusack has a home there, but lives mostly in Chicago. Sarah Gadon is from Toronto, Evan Bird is from Vancouver, and Cronenberg himself is based out of Toronto.  For a group who made a movie about Hollywood life and dysfunctional families, it seems they are as far removed from their characters as can be.

At the red carpet and movie premiere later in the evening, the gathered crowd cheered when the stars and director appeared on the red carpet, with Robert Pattinson getting the loudest reaction from fans.

Cronenberg joked with reporters from behind a pair of sunglasses at first, which he called his self defense against the flashing cameras, but that didn’t stop him from talking about whether he was worried real-life celebrities would see themselves in his movie and take offense.  “We weren’t really basing it on specific actors.  For the actors in the movie, they would take experiences that they’d had and people that they know who’ve experienced some of these dramas to fill out their performance. But once again it’s not so specific that it’s libelous,” said Cronenberg.

Wearing a stunning Antonio Marras dress, Sarah Gadon discussed her favourite moments with her onscreen daughter, played by Moore–in particular, the bathtub scene.  “I think it was really fun to shoot the bath tub scene with Julianne Moore.  It was really crazy.”

Robert Pattinson talked about the kind of stories Cronenberg tells. “I think he’s not afraid of embracing the unusual,” Pattinson said. “I mean I think he almost prefers the unusual in his works.  There’s very few people who can really commit to that because they’re afraid of themselves being judged.  I think he’s so comfortable with himself that he can be sort of just very curious and non-judgmental of weirdos basically.”

Maps to the Stars hits theaters on October 31st in Canada, and early 2015 in the U.S.

Photo Credit: Wireimage/Getty for TIFF

By: Roderick Thedorff

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