Charlie Hunnam Backs Out Of 50 Shades: We Choose Replacements

Charlie Hunnam is the incredibly talented and gorgeous Sons of Anarchy actor that was set to play the leading role of Christian Grey in the book-to-big screen rendition of 50 Shades of Grey. There has been speculation regarding the recent and much publicized departure, and while sources are hinting at scheduling conflicts, others are pointing fingers. The E.L James story is a cult classic novel that has created such a stir among Hollywood’s most respected and sought after actors. In place to play character Anastasia Steele is Dakota Johnson, but the coveted position of Christian has been the subject of much controversy.  Charlie initially won the role over three TV vampires, and Matt Bomer as listed below. While we don’t know who is the leading contender, we definitely have our favorites!

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1. Ian Somerhalder:
He is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries, and Ian Somerhalder has already logged almost 100 episodes fulfilling female fantasies. With his fan base, and charming good looks the odds are stacked in his favour.

2.  Robert Pattinson:
Heartthrob and pretty boy Robert Pattinson was rumoured to have been the E.L. James’ first choice for the role, but sources say he turned it down. It seems as though the overpowering theme of vampires taking on the role is popular, so seeing Robert scooping up the position is a possibility.

3.  Matt Bomer:
The Texan actor is known for his roles in White Collar and Magic Mike, which goes without saying that he can pull of a Christian Grey suit and tie – or sans suit without fail. It is rumoured that this gorgeous guy is next in line for the part.

4. Alexander Skarsgard:
HBO’s True Blood’s hunkiest vampire fun fact: The star had not even heard of “50 Shades” until a reporter asked him about the role of Christian Grey. This beautiful beau is trending as the actor of choice for the role, and with his experience playing a dominant vampiric force makes him a strong and suitable suggestion.

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