Toronto International Film Festival Announces Rising Stars and More Films

The Toronto International Film Festival is edging ever closer with more announcements being made as to who will be attending the festival. Today, TIFF announced some Canadian films as well as the 2013 TIFF Rising Stars.

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The Rising Stars is an annual event that takes four actors through film festival boots camp to meet with casting directors, agents, managers and more to prepare them for worldwide success. This year’s Rising Stars are: Gemini winner and Orphan Black star Evelyne Brochu, Cara Gee of Empire Of Dirt premièring at the festival this year, Megan Park (The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, Entourage, The Newsroom) and Johnathan Sousa from Rookie Blue. Previous TIFF Rising Stars include Orphan Black’s award winning lead Tatiana Maslany and Real Style past cover girl Sarah Gadon.

Of course, the Toronto Film Festival must promote home-grown films. The Canadian features playing will also be able to win the City of Toronto and Canada Goose Award for Best Canadian Feature Film. These films include Denis Villeneuve’s Enemy, The F Word starring Daniel Radcliffe, and Bruce McDonald’s The Husband.

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