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Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Review

Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines single has been one of the songs of the summer. We know you are just as guilty getting this song stuck in your head as we are. Can this smooth singer deliver an album full of tracks as catchy and sexy?

With Justin Timberlake off doing an r&b experiment, this leaves a big hole for commercial friendly sexy smooth pop music and Robin Thicke is the man to fill that hole. He has that sweet voice that makes women faint at the sound. “Blurred Lines” invoked serious JT vibes and the whole album is very reminiscent of his “Sexy Back” days. Unfortunately what Robin Thicke needs is someone to push him to the edge more.

Blurred Lines, the album, is quite long and very one note. The song is so catchy, with attitude and sex and all of these great things going on, but he needed to bring that level to every single song. After a couple of track, you feel like Robin Thicke is a one trick pony. He’s been making album for years, so there is no denying his talent at all. This album just feels safe in that he knew he wanted to write chart toppers, so he followed a strict formula.

Blurred Lines is an entertaining album, but it’s one that is probably going to disappear quickly. He’s going to fade once we are all over the hot single on the album.

Watch the rated version of the Robin Thicke video for Blurred Lines now:

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