Girls Guide To Wolverine

This weekend there is a good chance your man will try to convince you to head to the movie theatres this weekend to check out the latest movie in the X-Men saga, The Wolverine. Girls should go into seeing The Wolverine with an open mind, here’s a few reasons why girls should embrace this superhero movie.

Hugh Jackman’s abs – If all other plot points and emotional storylines fail you, Hugh Jackman’s abs are always there to save you. The Broadway star got seriously buff for the role and will be spending more than a few minutes shirtless to give you a full view of Wolverine’s fine physique.

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The Women Are Fierce Fashionistas – The leading ladies of The Wolverine are fierce fashionistas on screen and off. Svetlana Khochenkova’s Viper looks stunning in a green jumpsuit and long gloves. Co-stars Rila Fukushima and Tao Okamoto made heads turn when they showed up in amazing fashion at The Wolverine’s premiere. They are definitely good eye candy for the keen fashionista.

Wolverine Is Suffering Serious Heart Break – In the last X-Men movie, the love of his life Jean Grey (Famke Janssen) died, so now he is wandering the world lost and alone. Since Famke is on the cast for this new movie, we assume Wolverine will be seeing the ghost of his lost love.

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