Craziest Celebrity Tweeters

It’s not breaking news that Twitter is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of social media. With celebs using it non-stop to keep their fans updated, we decided to take a look at the craziest celebrity accounts -and some of the most outrageous tweets from the stars.

1) Amanda Bynes  @AmandaBynes

Although the 27-year-old former child star claims to have “retired” from Hollywood, Amanda Bynes seems to be more infamous than famous as of late. With angry, bullying comments directed at Rihanna describing the 25-year-old singer as “ugly”, a recent sexual tweet meant for rapper Drake, and plenty of racy photos, this once sweet all-American blonde has taken a turn for the worse and is now using Twitter to advertise every thought running through her mind.

2) Lindsay Lohan  @lindsaylohan

The once adorable and talented actress has spiralled into an addicted, troubled mess over the past few years. With countless trips to rehab and endless trials, her Twitter account also reflects her frustrating ups and downs in life. Her tweets are sometimes inspiring and uplifting (like her recent ‘Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly”…It’s up to us to make the best of what we have’ from May 25). At other times, they’re as hard to read and as unpredictable as the 26-year-old herself.

3) Rihanna  @rihanna

The “Stay” singer has become a worldwide sensation with fans of all ages and a fabulous voice, but her Twitter feed is a constant rush of half nude seductive shots, photos of her party lifestyle, and verbal swordplay against Karrueche Tran (Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend).

4) Kim Kardashian @kimkardashian

Never one to miss a chance at self-promotion, Kim also never misses a chance to update her Twitter with constant updates of her daily life. With tweets on her trips to the gym, her pregnancy, social life, and beauty rituals, it seems Twitter can never have enough of Kimmy- and Kimmy can never get enough of Twitter.

5) Chris Brown @chrisbrown

From drama with Karrueche and Rihanna, fights at nightclubs, and more than his share of angry outbursts, Chris Brown is an avid tweeter. His fan base is constantly aware of the singer’s latest night out, girlfriend issue, or lack of control over his temper!

[Photo via Rihanna Twitter]

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