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What Happened To Amanda Bynes?

If you’ve been following any pop culture blogs then you know that something is going on with Amanda Bynes. In the past few days she has posted pictures of herself topless on Twitter saying she needed to lose some weight. She did an interview this week telling everyone that she is not crazy. We are wondering what happened to the sweet Amanda Bynes we remember?

Amanda Bynes was a child star who started acting at just seven in commercials, on stage and then came her deal with Nickelodeon. Amanda Bynes starred in too other shows on the channel before getting her own show, The Amanda Show.

In the 2000’s, she started a film career in movies like What A Girl Wants and got a new show with Jennie Garth, What I Like About You. Throughout the 2000’s she was right in the spotlight with roles in She’s The Man (alongside another budding star Channing Tatum), Hairspray and Sydney White. Her role as a religious mean girl in Easy A was the last time we would see the sweet Amanda Bynes we knew and loved.

After Easy A, Amanda Bynes announced that she would be retired from acting at just 24 years old. A month later, she back pedaled and said she was just taking a break. Then in 2012, she again said she was retiring and this time, she was going to focus on becoming a fashion designer. She did have her own clothing line in 2007, Dear, but the company who produced the collection went bankrupt stopping the line to no fault of hers.

The last year watching Amanda Bynes has been interesting. She has been charged for driving under the influence and for two different hit-an-run accidents. She had her license suspended and car impounded, but was then caught driving with a suspended license. Just last month she admitted, via Twitter, that she had an eating disorder. In the past few weeks she dyed her hair bleach blond and shaved half of it off. These pictures of her in her bra are only the final act of rebellion. While Amanda herself is lashing out saying that she is fine, some like blogger Perez Hilton are calling out for someone to help her.

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So what happened to sweet Amanda Bynes? Is she just growing up? Is she suffering from the curse of being a child star like so many others?

[Photos via Twitter]

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