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Lessons We’ve Learned From Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean we will be left with nothing. After looking back at the seasons last night, we realized that through the heartbreaks and hook ups there are some valuable life lessons to be learned from the socialites on Gossip Girl. See the valuable lessons Gossip Girl has taught us:

You can not escape your past… ever

Serena van der Woodsen learned that lesson all too well throughout the season as past mistakes and relationships always came back to bite her. She wasn’t the only one who suffered from their past as Lily and Bart both learned the hard way that their past will haunt you (like Lily’s arrest and Bart’s oil dealings)

Respect your parents because they are smarter, wiser and sneakier than you.

This final season Bart Bass was been consistently one step ahead of Chuck, but this has been a theme throughout Gossip Girl. The adults are not always on their best behaviour, but Lily, Rufus, Bart, the Captain and Eleanor are usually just one step ahead of their kids. It was best when the parent were on their kids’ side like when Eleanor knew that Blair’s heart truly lay with Chuck and not Prince Louis. But when they went head to head like Serena and Lily on so many occasions, it was hard not to cheer for the level headed adults.

Be careful what you text, take a picture of or video tape because it could come back to haunt you.

How many times over these six seasons could much drama have been avoided if the kids just put away their cell phones? The scandalous video of Serena and Dan would never have been made public and Serena might be married to Steven. The video of Serena and Georgina getting high and the boy dying wouldn’t exist. No one could have seen one of the many misunderstood text messages that caused fights and confusion. Actually Gossip Girl itself wouldn’t even exist without these cell phones, so maybe this isn’t a good idea.

Beware A Beautiful Woman

How many times were the cast blindsided by a beautiful woman? At least once a season, a man (and sometimes another woman) was lured into a trick or trap by a seemingly glamourous woman. Whether it was Ivy, Juliet, Georgina, Diana or Duchess Catherine these women always had a trick up their sleeve.

Never Trust A Bad Boy

If you must be wary of a beautiful woman you should be even more careful around a bad boy. Even if you love Chuck Bass, Jack Bass, Carter Baizen, William van der Woodsen, Louis Grimaldi, Trip van der Bilt, Damian Daalgard or any of the other strapping bad boys who have graced the streets of the Upper East Side, you should always keep one eye on them. These boys have broken hearts and brought down the drama on the gang over and over again.

Know When To Wave A White Flag

While this isn’t a lesson that Serena van der Woodsen or Blair Waldorf seem to have learned through the six seasons of Gossip Girl, we have learned from their mistakes. Sometime you need to know when you have lost the battle. Many of the seasonal dramas could have been avoided if either Serena or Blair have of just given in and accepted the consequences of their actions much of the Gossip Girl drama could have been avoided.

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