Wildest Kate Upton Videos

Kate Upton just wrapped filming her highly anticipated Mercedes-Benz commercial for the Super Bowl 2013. The sexy supermodel will star alongside R&B crooner Usher in what is sure to be the hottest TV commercial of 2013. Kate has a history of shooting some of the hottest TV commercials and online videos of all time. In honour of Thanksgiving and football season in the USA, we thought we’d kick off the long American holiday weekend with a look back at Kate Upton’s most popular videos of all time.

Kate Upton Does “The Dougie”

It all started with “the Dougie.” Kate Upton rose to fame doing the Dougie at a Clippers game. The video her friend shot while Kate was dancing and joking around went viral, making Kate Upton a household name over night. Millions and millions of people around the world shared the YouTube video and created a star overnight.

Kate Upton’s GQ Cover with Terry Richardson

We all know what happened the first time Terry Richardson met Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton, but we’ll get to that later! Kate scored the 2012 cover of GQ, which almost always features America’s favourite girl of the summer on the cover. The shoot was one of the most risque shoots GQ has done in a while, and they were smart to send a camera crew on set to videotape Kate’s day with Terry.

Kate Upton’s Italian Vogue Shoot with Steven Meisel

Kate Upton can do high fashion too! The supermodel shot a seductive photo shoot for Italian Vogue with fashion world favourite Steven Meisel behind the camera. The result was a fashion editorial, aptly called “Seductive.”

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Kate Upton’s Cat Daddy Video with Terry Richardson

It was love at first sight for controversial Terry Richardson when he met curvy supermodel Kate Upton. And what do you get when you put racy photographer Terry Richardson in a studio with the sexiest supermodel in the world? You get this video of Kate Upton dancing to “Cat Daddy” in a teeny-tiny bikini. This video was banned by YouTube, but eventually Terry had is way and the video came back.

Kate Upton’s Carl’s Jr. Commercial 2012

Kate Upton made headlines in 2012 when she shot a commercial for the Southwest patty melt at Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. The commercial features Kate Upton enjoying a Southwest patty melt while going to the drive-in movie all alone in a sexy black and white polka dot dress. It’s steamy, to say the least!

Photos Courtesy of: YouTube (Kate Upton Dougie, Kate Upton Terry Richardson GQ Cover Shoot, Kate Upton Italian Vogue Shoot with Steven Meisel, Kate Upton Cat Daddy Video With Terry Richardson, Kate Upton Carl’s Jr Commercial 2012)

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