Strangest Celebrity Music Video Appearances

Sometimes, weird things happen, like some random celebrity breaking Justin Timberlake’s heart on screen to your favourite tune, when you know it should’ve been you. How could you ScarJo? How could you?!

Celebrity cameos in music videos are still a huge thing. The latest, of course, stars Lindsay Lohan, as she appears in R.E.M.’s new music video “Blue” from the bands final album Collapse Into Now. But before you go off an “I really miss the Lindsay Lohan from Mean Girls” type tangent, we should also mention that James Franco directed it. So there’s that too.

He was likely chosen to direct the video because of his recent involvement with the bands Collapse Into Now Film Project, which was a series of films made to correspond with the album’s tracks. Plus James Franco just does everything, so directing an R.E.M. music video is really, like, no big deal. He’s like an entertainment handy man.

Oh, you need someone to be in your movie? Write your next play? Teach your class at NYU? Read your kids Goodnight Moon?

James Franco’s your man, he’ll do it, he can anything. Here are the other strangest music videos featuring celebs.

1) Scarlett Johansson in Justin Timberlake’s “What Goes Around…Comes Around”.
This is definitely an unusual pairing since we’re not used to seeing Justin with such a curvaceous female, as he normally goes for the athletic type. But we don’t care. Scarlett is beautiful, and we like it. What makes this video more inciting, though, is all of the rumours that Scarlett and Justin may have hooked up for real during the making of the video. Did they, or didn’t they? We’ll never know.

2) Stacey Dash in Kanye West’s “All Falls Down”
Look it’s Dionne from Cluless, except she’s all sad and wondering around the airport with out a bra. Perhaps she’s misplaced it? Maybe that’s why she’s so upset?

3) Zach Galifianakis in Fiona Apple’s “Not About Love”
In true Galifianakis style, this video came together on a lark. Zach taped a clip of himself lip-synching to her single almost for fun, unknowing that it would later be released as the song’s official music video.

4) Ron Howard, Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker, and Samuel L. Jackson in Jamie Foxx’s “Blame It”
No one ever thought Jake Gyllenhaal could be so street, but it looks like the guy can really hang. Looking at him getting all crunk up in the club, letting loose. Good for you, Jake Gyllenhaal, good for you.

5) Robert Downey Jr. in Elton John’s “I Want Love”
Elton John doesn’t often make us think of handsome leading straight men, but this video featuring a post-rehab Robert Downy Jr. is oddly quite fitting, given the lyrics of the song and the assumed emotional state Downy might have been enduring at the time. This is actually the most unusual, but yet appropriate celebrity cameos.

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Photo Courtesy of: YouTube

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