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Rihanna Unapologetic Album Review

Early reports say that Rihanna finally scored her first number one album in the US with the release of Unapologetic this week. As her fourth album in the same amount of years, this career high is hopefully a sign that Rihanna is going to slow down. While Unapologetic may be just as good as the rest, listening to this new disc is giving us Rihanna fever.

Unapologetic is another bold pop frenzy like her last four albums, but this time it seems like Rihanna is more focused on being real and true to herself than being shocking and edgy. Lyrically this album feels more honest than her past. Much like the disc’s title, Rihanna is not apologizing for who she is, but she feels more true to her personality. Because of this, the album has a nice mix of straight up pop songs, ballads, dance tracks and reggae. It’s actually her most versatile album in a long time giving us many different sides of herself and her voice.

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That said like we said before, with so many Rihanna albums in a row, we are feeling abit overloaded. It feels like Rihanna is trying to prove something by releasing Rated R in 2009, Loud in 2010, Talk That Talk in 2011 and now this cd. We love Rihanna’s edgy pop twist, but we need a break and we think from recent gossip reports, she might need a break too. Unapologetic is the perfect closer to four very Rihanna heavy years. Then she can bounce back in 2014 with a follow up number one album!

Watch the Rihanna’s video for the first single from the album, “Diamonds”:

[youtube lWA2pjMjpBs]

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