Lohan Punches Woman Over A Guy – The Wanted’s Max George

As we told you earlier today, Lindsay Lohan was arrested around 4am this morning for allegedly punching a woman at Club Avenue in New York City. Apparently, Lindsay got in a fight with a woman over Max George from The Wanted. Rumour has it that Linds was at the Justin Bieber concert earlier that night but not to see Bieb. Instead, Lindsay was allegedly there to scope out Max from The Wanted because she has a huge crush on the blue-eyed babe. We can’t say we blame her. Check out the hot photo of Max above from his Twitter account posing with J-Lo.

Things went Lindsay’s way at first, and the Liz & Dick star apparently hung out with Max and his band mates after the show, eventually making their way to Club Avenue, but as the night went on and Lindsay got more and more drunk, Max got turned off by her behaviour and started chatting up another woman. The woman Max was giving his attention to is the woman who Lindsay allegedly punched. Lindsay left the club in a car with friends but was soon after arrested by police, and TMZ has posted the video of Lindsay’s arrest. Check it out below.

It hasn’t been a great week for Lindsay. First, her performance as Liz Taylor in Lifetime’s Liz & Dick was ripped apart by critics, and now she seems to be back to her usual issues with the law. Lindsay will also be charged in California for crimes related to her car accident this past summer, so all in all, life for Lohan could be a lot better. We have to say, if she’s trying to turn her life around, why not stop going out until 4am? Sure, she’s still young, but anyone who’s trying to dissociate herself from trouble should live by the guidelines that nothing good happens after 1am. Make that midnight. Lindsay says she plans to win an Oscar one day, but it’s been a long time since Mean Girls and critics are starting to lose faith that Lindsay can even act anymore, even though she certainly has a handle on acting out.

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Photo Courtesy of: TMZ

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