Lindsay Lohan Arrested For Fighting

In the wee hours of the morning, Lindsay Lohan was arrested for allegedly getting into a fight at a nightclub in New York. According to TMZ, the police arrested Lindsay at 4 am this morning.

So far, the story goes that Lindsay and another woman in the club were sitting a booth near each other at Club Avenue. Words were allegedly exchanged between the two and then some time later reports say Lindsay punched the woman in the face. Lindsay left the club and was in a car leaving when the police arrived and arrested her.

She was released early this morning and must return to court at a later date.

Part of us really wanted to believe that Lindsay Lohan was on the road to recovery. There were high hopes for her Liz & Dick special, which was slammed by critics. Now this could cause Lindsay to spiral back down because these charges will cause her to violate her parole.

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