Lindsay Lohan Banned From Famous Chateau Marmont

Lindsay Lohan has been banned from the Chateau Marmont! This must come as a huge blow to Lindsay, considering that the Chateau is one of the most famous places in all of Hollywood, and it’s definitely the place to party for young stars. In fact, if you’re ever in LA and are looking to see stars, we recommend just going here to sit on the patio. It’s pricey, but it’s worth it.

So why was Lindsay banned? For allegedly not paying her bills, of course! TMZ obtained a letter from the General Manager of the Chateau Marmont. In the letter, the GM says that the hotel repeatedly requested payment from Lindsay for her stay at the hotel between June and July. Lindsay apparently never paid and was then asked to gather her things and leave on August 1st and was then banned from the property.

TMZ also got their hands on Lindsay’s bill from the Chateau, which details what she spent her money on. Aside from the room itself, the rest of Lindsay’s spending probably won’t come as a shocker:

-Minibar charges for the 47 days: $3,145.07
-Cigarettes: $686 (49 packs in 47 days at $14 each)
-Chateau Candle: $100
-Chateau restaurant: $1,992.07 (on July 4th); $685.96 (on room service on July 4th)

Yikes! It definitely sucks to be banned from the Chateau Marmont. We’re sure this is a bridge that Lindsay is very upset that she burned. There’s really no other place in Hollywood that compares to the Chateau Marmont.

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Photo Courtesy of: Lifetime

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