Jennifer Lopez Quits American Idol, Along With Steven Tyler!

It’s official! Jennifer Lopez is leaving American Idol. With Steven Tyler officially out and now Jennifer, it looks like the Idol judges panel is about to get a complete makeover. J-Lo announced her departure this morning while on “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”: “I’m telling the absolute truth in that I really have been torn” Lopez told her Idol buddy, Seacrest. “It all kind of worked together for a while, but it just gets more complicated … And something has to give and that’s, I think, where I am right now… You don’t want to shut the door completely, but you know the time has come.”

Lopez, who’s currently on tour, plans to spend more time making movies and working on music, similar to Steven Tyler who announced his departure from American Idol yesterday. The Aerosmith frontman released a statement Thursday announcing his departure from Idol: “After some long … hard … thoughts … I’ve decided it’s time for me to let go of my mistress ‘American Idol’ before she boils my rabbit,” Tyler said. “I strayed from my first love, Aerosmith, and I’m back –- but instead of begging on my hands and knees, I’ve got two fists in the air and I’m kicking the door open with my band.”

So who’s likely to replace Tyler and Lopez? If the rumour mill is correct, Fergie, Mariah Carey and Adam Lambert are all in talks. With the next season set to air in January, Simon Cowell definitely has some rethinking to do.

Photo Courtesy of: FOX

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