Instagram-Inspired Madonna Video

What else did we really expect from the world’s biggest shock star? Madonna‘s current world tour has been peppered with controversy, including exposed body parts and her latest legal issues with French political party leader, Marine Le Pen, over a ill-placed swastika (by the way, aren’t all swastikas, “ill-placed”?) at her most recent Paris concert. Though we can’t help but feel like Madonna’s resorting to old tricks to stir up trouble (a swastika? Really?), we were, however, excited to find out that Madonna made a pit stop on her world tour in Florence to film a new music video for “Turn Up The Radio,” shot by fashion photographer, Tom Munro. The video features Madge at her best: escaping paparazzi, dancing in the streets and chilling with regular people in the Italian countryside. She gets bonus points for the Instagram-feel of the video.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think. Is Madonna as innovative as ever or is she falling short in the creative department?

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