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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 24 The Return Of The Ring

When we return to the finale of Gossip Girl season 5, Blair is understandable not speaking with Serena, Nate is getting serious with Lola, Bart is getting closer with Chuck and Lily and Rufus are still on the rocks. We don’t know how they can wrap it all up in just one episode.

Lola plans to go on tour with Wicked as an understudy, but a quick move from William and Nate so she gets her mother’s inheritance. Now she can move in to the Empire with Nate, or can she? Carol actually encourages Lola to go for it.

Serena is trying to make amends with Blair since scanning her diary so that Gossip Girl could get her hands on it. Serena said she never meant for it to be published, but that’s not really the point. Now Blair is doing damage control.  She even has to reveal the pages of her diary to her mother. How embarrassing! She gets the minions involved to help (it’s been a while since we’ve seen them).

To make matters worse, Serena tells Dan about what’s happening on Gossip Girl and then asks him not to read it. Like that temptation is going to be denied. Dan gets the worst blast of all proving that she doesn’t love Dan as much as Chuck. Dan gives Blair an ultimatum for Blair to prove her feelings. So Blair sends one of the minions on a mission to destroy Serena!

First she lands Serena in the bad books with her boss and then she kicks Serena out of the apartment. Serena blames Blair for stealing Dan and living in the past with her love for Chuck. This could be the end of their undying friendship. After fighting it out, Serena steals one of the minions to do her own bidding. What’s the point in having minions if they aren’t loyal? Geez!

Lily has big problems of her own since Bart Bass has returned from the dead. Technically, Bart’s rise means her marriage to Rufus was a fraud and she is still married to Bart. The two are having a sweet reunion. With Rufus and Lily being on bad terms, this could spell trouble. It’s time for Rufus to decide what he wants and fight for it. Rufus goes to see Bart to ask for an annulment on Lily’s behalf. This should be ok, but it’s definitely not going to be. Lily confronts Bart about it where he tells her what happened. She tells Rufus that she will decide who she stays married to.

While Bart bonds with Chuck, he tells his son to step up and fight for what he wants in Blair if she really is his true love. Bart gives Chuck back the engagement ring Blair never wore with hopes that he might step up and follow his heart. When Blair stops by to see Chuck, he tells her that he can’t wait any longer. Now she has an ultimatum – Dan or Chuck? She has to make a decision. Are you crossing your fingers that it’s Chuck too? One is her safe best friend and the other is dangerous and sexy and exciting.

Before Blair makes her big decision, she gets some exciting news from her mother. Eleanor is retiring and she wants Blair to take over her fashion line. Blair obviously says yes! Their moment is interrupted by Serena’s minion ready to delay Blair’s arrival.

Serena spots Dan at the big final party and steals him away while she can. Oh no Serena, what are you doing? Gossip Girl posts a picture of Chuck holding the ring, putting doubt in his mind. In a quick move, Serena gets wine spilled all over both of them at the party. Serena gets the pair of them stripped down in the very same bar we saw her seduced Nate in in the very first episode and bad mouths Blair. The pair get it on! Things have come full circle, but Serena hasn’t changed a bit! Fortunately Dan finds out that Serena was recording the whole thing and keeping Blair away. Maybe Dan will finally see Serena’s true colours.

While their reunion is still fresh, Chuck and Bart hold a press conference to celebrate his return. Instead of hugging Chuck and thanking him, Bart takes his company back, removing Chuck from Bass Industries after all he’s done. Bart says that Blair is the route of all of Chuck’s problems and he has wasted too much time on her. He says that taking the ring and trying to win Blair back was a test and Chuck failed. He calls Chuck a boy and says the company needs a man. Wow! I guess Bart hasn’t changed after all.

Blair arrives moments later, admitting her love to Chuck on the roof of the Empire. Chuck blames her for this. She’s finally giving him herself and Chuck says it’s not enough. No! This can’t be happening. They could finally be together and this happens.

After all of that it’s time to prepare for the summer. The next day, Chuck reveals that he will be spending the summer with Jack Bass because he has been booted out of the company too. The Basses will be planning revenge for next season!  They are counting cards and winning dough to buy their way back.

Blair is in Paris ready to get to work in fashion with no regrets or loose ends holding her back. Or is she, because she shows up at the same casino to help Chuck and Jack. Of course she is because she loves him. Next season, we hope that they have a big year together.

Lola is heading out for the summer and is donating her share of the inheritance instead of keeping it. Lola has donated it to Ivy of all people. She’s actually paying Ivy to take down Lily for what she’s done to Carol.

Lily has made her decision and hands over annulment papers to… Rufus! It looks like she has made amends with Bart and the pair will be making up all summer long. Oh no! This isn’t good.

Serena goes to Dan’s to profess her love for him and apologize. Dan won’t take it and tells her that he never wants to see her again. Finally, he is standing up for himself. Who does he get involved in his revenge but Georgina! He and Georgina are planning revenge to write the real story of the Upper East Side. Little does he know that his rejection has sent Serena back to her bad girl ways.

We can’t wait for next season!

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