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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 21 Despicable B

When we return to New York, Diana Payne is still causing trouble. Even though she has already come out as Chuck’s mother, she still has her eyes on Nate. Now that he’s single will Nate be lured into a hot night with his best friend’s mom? Instead of falling into her bed, Nate has plans to get her out of the Spectator. He gets more than h bargained for when he finds out Jack Bass is funding her business venture.

While doing his digging Nate finds out that Diana Payne is a fake name. Up until 3 years ago, she didn’t exist. So who is Diana Payne? Is she even really Chuck’s mother? Oh this is getting so confusing. Maybe Elizabeth really was Chuck’s mother after all.

Nate snoops round in Diana’s hotel room looking for proof and he gets it. He finds a picture proving that Elizabeth was pregnant just before Chuck was born, meaning she is most likely his mother after all. Plus Jack is paying Diana to be there. Chuck knows that something isn’t right still. There are still too many secrets. After looking closer at the photo Chuck may have figured out the secret. He thinks Jack might be his father! Whoa! What? This is too much. Bring back Jack!

Blair is having a mid-mid-life crisis when Dan gets named a high brow influencers and she gets deemed the bottom of the barrel. She can’t handle accompanying Dan as his plus one to a party honouring him. Oh, how the tables have turned!

She plans to steal the spotlight, but this is the wrong crowd. Her childish schemes don’t seem to be working amongst the intelligent crowd. She is dancing around in a couture gown and tipping off Gossip Girl, but o one is staring at her. It looks good on her. Blair even hijacks Dan’s big speech and makes a large donation to steal the spotlight. It doesn’t quite go over as planned. Dan sees through it and the crowd isn’t impressed. Blair admits that she wants the spotlight after her time with Louis and Chuck. Dan tries to tell her that she is beautiful and shouldn’t care what anyone thinks. In the end, Blair sees sense and apologizes for everything.

Lily is trying to smooth out everything that has been going wrong. She wants to smooth out things with Rufus and in the public eye. For some reason she thinks having a public dinner with the press is going to help. Even Serena can see that this is not going to end well. Lily and Rufus can’t get past it though. Lily is sticking to her selfish ways and for once Rufus isn’t taking it for once.

Serena gets distracted when she finds her father having dinner with Lola even though he told her he was out of town. It looks like Lola has found out the truth about her lineage. Serena isn’t going to like this hard truth when she gets it. Only for now, they are keeping it as their little secret. Not for long!

Lola turns to Nate for help dealing with the sudden appearance of her father. He’s distracted with Chuck and spills the beans to Serena that Lola spent the morning with her father. Serena runs straight to Lily and reveals everything. Lily actually handles the news quite diplomatically and wants to wait until after the party to discuss it. Or so it seems. Lily lies to Rufus and uninvites him to dinner, but does invite Ivy of all people.

After outing Carol for sleeping with her husband in front of the press, Lily gets her own sister arrested for putting her up to the whole scheme. Ivy is testifying against her to get Carol put away. Wow, that is cold! Poor Lola gets left in the cold with her mother getting taken away and Serena spewing venom at William.

Serena actually shows her soft side admitting that she’s hurt at how easily William warmed up to Lola. When Serena was looking for him, he hid and ran. But that is where Serena’s sympathy ends. Lola tries to befriend Serena as a sister, but Serena very rudely tells her to get out of her life. Lola takes a souvenir from Serena’s room before she goes – the login to the Gossip Girl website. Oh no! This is going to be great!

Serena’s not the only one who is hurt from dinner. Rufus shows up at the apartment after reading about the scandal and arrest online. He is pretty much disgusted with the way Lily is acting and won’t be coming home any time soon.

It looks like everyone is feeling sorry. Even Lily apologizes to Ivy for having her get wrapped up in the family business. Ivy apologizes for everything she has put the family though.

As with most episodes there was a scheme going on.  William gets Carol to sign over her inheritance and he has already promised it to Lily. But Lily gets too greedy and makes William think twice before giving her everything. He takes a u-turn to the airport. Lily has a fight on her hands.

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