Weekly TV Spoilers: The New Girl, Supernatural and Desperate Housewives

Don’t go expecting Nick and Jess in The New Girl to hook up any time soon.  In fact Jess is going to go on quite a spree with several different men.  One of those men according to Watch With Kristin is a returning Justin Long.  Justin returns to play Jess’ former teacher Paul, who happens to be dating someone else.  Someone who is a lot like Jess.   Sounds like it will be one awkward encounter.

In next Friday’s episode of Supernatural, Sam and Dean face something they’ve never faced before; cursed ballet slippers.   The duo have faced their fair share of odd villains before, but this might just be one of the silliest yet.  According to TVLine the episode gets even stranger when Dean touches the slippers when he’s trying to get them off the ballerina’s feet and becomes cursed himself.  Picturing Dean in a tutu doesn’t exactly bring good thoughts to mind.

We all ready know that Desperate Housewives is coming to a close very soon, but they still have a few tricks up their sleeves before they disappear for good.  This week’s episode has five characters shown in little vignettes at the start, and when they are done playing you’re told that one of them will be dead in 24 hours.  That man is James Denton’s character Mike Delfino.  As for how he dies, well he’s done in by mobsters. “It’s actually brilliant,” Denton told EW. “[He] was such a shady character in the beginning…. In fact, Marc had this idea that Delfino might have mob connections, and that’s why his name was Delfino…. We just haven’t addressed [that dark past] in four or five years.”

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