Madonna Releases Video For Give Me All Your Luvin’

Madonna seems to be everywhere lately, from a feud with Elton John to this weekend’s Superbowl halftime show.  With a new album on the way, and a tour that begins this later this year she’s not about to go away any time soon either.

The Superbowl show is sure to be an interesting one considering her track record of being a perfectionist with her performances, and in case you haven’t heard she’s dedicated it to her dad, because as she said in a press conference yesterday “I’m sure of all the things I’ve ever done in my life this will be the thing he’s most excited about.”  This may be your best chance at seeing her perform live too, because ticket prices for her concert tour are reportedly extremely expensive.

The music video for Madonna’s Give Me All Your Luvin’ single, the first official released track of her forthcoming album features M.I.A. and Nicki Minaj was released yesterday.  The song was leaked a few months ago, much to Madonna’s ire, but it has changed a bit since them.  The video features a football theme, including cheerleaders and players.  What do you think?  Is it original, or does it remind you of Gwen Stefani too?

[Photo via © HFPA]

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