Lindsay Lohan To Play Liz Taylor

Lindsay Lohan could very well be on the verge of making a comeback.  Not only is the 25 year old hosting Saturday Night Live on March 3rd, but now it’s been announced that she’s landed the role of Liz Taylor in the made for TV movie Liz and Dick.

As everyone is well aware Lohan has had a whole heap of legal problems , but lately she’s been playing on the straight and narrow and has even been applauded by the judge for her good behavior.  She’ll have to continue doing so however if she wants to keep the role, because Access Hollywood is reporting that it is a condition in her contract.

The movie Liz and Dick has been in development since May of last year.

Lohan of course was also in the January issue of Playboy this year, but hasn’t been in a movie since 2010 when she had a small role in Machete.

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