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The Puppini Sisters – Hollywood CD Review

The Puppini Sisters are a trio comprised of unrelated Italian Marcella Puppini and English-born Stephanie O’Brien and Kate Mullins.  They’ve been together since 2004, and chose their name in tribute to the Andrews Sisters.  More popular in Europe than North America, the trio have had their music included in soundtracks for TV shows such as Chuck and Greys Anatomy.  Their latest album is called Hollywood, and it pays homage to the classic music of the Silver Screen.

On the album Hollywood, only the title track is new.  The song is written by the trio, and it fits in with the other selections they’ve decided to cover.  Included on the album are the Gershwin Brother’s I’ve Got Rhythm, Frank Sinatra’s September Song, and even the song Andy Williams is best know for, Moon River.  With the current craze surrounding Marilyn Monroe, Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend, from the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, should be a hit.  For fans of Singing in the Rain, Good Morning is also sung by the trio, and will more than likely get stuck in your head once you’ve heard it.  West Side story is also represented with the Puppini’s singing I feel Pretty.

While the selection of music on this album is nice to listen to, it’s unfortunate that The Puppini’s don’t have a few more original songs on it. Besides the title track, the music on the album could be collected on a golden age of Hollywood soundtrack which more people would probably prefer.  Even if they had made the songs different enough to make them their own if would have at least been a reason to buy the album, but as it stands they sound fairly similar to the originals.  Most of the music is instantly recognizable to movie fans, and some of the music is recognizable for being part of television commercials, and they will get stuck in your head because of that.

Overall the album is all right, but it’s nothing special, and you certainly don’t need to rush out to buy it.

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