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Gossip Girl Recap: Season 5 Episode 13 G.G.

The royal wedding date is finally here! Here is what happened on this week’s episode of Gossip Girl:

The 100th episode of Gossip Girl begins with Serena doing a musical number of ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend’ dressed as Marilyn Monroe. It was a strange starting. It’s so unlike Gossip Girl and not done very well either. Once Serena awakens, it’s time to get back to normal because we have a wedding to attend. Blair is at her fitting, Louis is ecstatic, Dan is awaiting the moment he can stop his fake relationship, and Chuck¬† is preparing for the moment he can object during the ceremony.

Chuck isn’t the only one in New York hoping to ruin Blair’s big day. Georgina is back in town! She wants to ruin Blair the same way Blair has ruined her. She planned on teaming up with Chuck to cause havoc. Only it looks like Chuck has turned a new leaf. He tries to stop the priest from ruining the wedding, by giving him food poisoning. He says he wants Blair to be happy (we’ve heard that before). Georgina swoops in to join the priest in sabotage.

While Blair and Serena get dressed, Blair offers some words of wisdom. She tells Serena to cut the act and admit her feelings for Dan. Blair is getting wise as she gets older. Serena could learn a thing or two.

It doesn’t last because Blair is a nervous wreck. All of her emotions force her mother to take matters into her own hand. Blair’s mother goes to the Empire to see Chuck. Why? What could she be up to? She’s wants to bring Chuck back to the church to stop the wedding. She knows that Chuck is the only one who could truly make her daughter happy. Mother does know best after all!

The guests begin to arrive. Georgina hides in Louis chambers hoping to seduce the prince. Her plan is to get it on film and send it to Gossip Girl. Before she can cause any trouble, Lily and Rufus step in to stop her in her tracks. Georgina slips out of the back door before she gets caught.

Chuck is delivered to Blair’s chambers. He begs her to stop the wedding. Blair admits that she loves him and it’s killing her to be away from him, but she sticks to her promise to God. She refuses to give in. Why won’t she go to him? She can’t marry Louis! She’s the only person who doesn’t realize that. Blair leaves, but it doesn’t end there. Georgina recorded their whole conversation. Now she has the evidence she needs to ruin Blair’s wedding. When Louis sees that tape, he will be crushed.

Everyone tries to convince Blair one final time that she doesn’t need to do this. Blair insists she is ready to walk down the aisle and marry Louis. She leaves Serena no choices and she tells Chuck the truth about Blair’s pact with God.

The wedding begins. The bridesmaids look sweet in pink. Louis is strapping in his white suit. Blair is stunning walking down the aisle in her Vera Wang gown between her two fathers. When the priest asks if anyone objects, Chuck steps out, but doesn’t speak. He’s willing to let Blair do what she feels is best. Then every phone in the place starts buzzing. Gossip Girl has posted Georgina’s video. Everyone watches Blair’s confession of love for Chuck. Blair runs without a word, down the aisle towards Chuck.

Blair thinks Chuck was behind it. Georgina says it wasn’t her. She blames Blair’s best friends for sabotaging the wedding. Only the wedding isn’t over.¬† Blair tells Chuck she still won’t be with him and turns to Louis for forgiveness. The pair return to the alter to say “I do.” What? They got married? This doesn’t make sense. Blair can’t marry Louis! As they feed each other cake it’s painfully obvious.

Love is in the air at the reception. Serena confesses her love to Dan. She doesn’t even let him respond before running away. Nate sweet talks a cute waitress (its the real Charlie Rhodes which is sure to develop in the future) hoping to find a girl who might actually love him for real. Louis and Blair share their first dance. But the love here is fake, Louis has a horrible surprise for Blair. He doesn’t love her anymore. He has only married her for show. He only wants her to be the public face, but in private he feels nothing for her. Louis’ cold hearted side has shown its face. Now Blair is trapped.

Blair calls someone for a quick escape. She needs to run. Is it Chuck? No. Blair called Dan to help her escape her reception. Where will this trapped princess go?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, as we close the episode, we see Gossip Girl typing away. The camera pans to show… Georgina typing a Gossip Girl post. Georgina is Gossip Girl! It can’t be! Has her identity been revealed? We can’t wait another week to find out the truth.

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